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TOUCH ME fashion film

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

Feeling proud!!!
Full of nomination for TOUCH ME (directed by Rossano B. Maniscalchi) at La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2018:

  • Best Director
  • Best Picture
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Music
  • Best Fashion

Congratulations to the entire team!
(Special thanks to Rossano B. Maniscalchi and Walter Nestola for the press release, the backstage photos and for being so nice)
Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u

TOUCH ME is a promotional film which has been directed, filmed and choreographed by Rossano B. Maniscalchi. It was commissioned by La Fortezza, a leather manufacturer Company born in January 2006 in Italy. It’s main purpose is to create high qualities manufactures, using the most recents technologies on the market, mixing them with the forgotten processing techniques.
Their motto and philosophy is to offer to the clientele qualityluxury, and innovation.
This film is for La Fortezza a way to launch globally a simple but great message: the beauty stands everywhere and the innovation is necessary to grow and to build a tangible and visible Luxury concept.

The Director: Rossano B. Maniscalchi
As a highly acclaimed photographer and film maker (globally ranked in the top 100) Rossano B. Maniscalchi has worked with many high profile fashion brands. His commercial work is limited to specifically chosen high calibre brands.
Rossano is currently working with several esteemed companies on promotional films for products that are unique and prominent within the fashion world. His work has always been outstanding, whether in the field of portraiture, art, still life, fashion, culture, beauty and glamour photography, or in advertising and his incredible work with celebrities such as 
Barack ObamaTilda SwintonMichelangelo Antonioni,The Prince CharlesArnold SchwarzeneggerWim WendersArnaldo PomodoroSusan SontagRay Manzarek (The Doors), Michail GorbaciovSalman RushdieAndrea BocelliRita Levi MontalciniMilos Forman, just to name a few.
B. Maniscalchi has a studio in Florence, the city where he was born, in Italy. he also works in the United States, where he lives for many months of the year. His work takes him to Florida, California, New York and throughout Europe for promotional campaigns. He has engagements for the covers of many American and European magazines.
Maniscalchi has a definitive signature style. He communicates a unique personal message and perspective in his work. His many years of creativity for well known fashion salons and advertising agencies combined with still life, portraiture, fine art and sculpture, have all influenced and developed his modus operandi. He supersedes standard photographic values creating energised pictorial studies and films.
Rossano B. Maniscalchi’s’s extensive portfolio of diverse subject areas has been exhibited extensively at art galleries and museums throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. His work continues to maintain important global recognition and his published books have been major sellouts.
Rossano B. Maniscalchi has translated into art the vision of the beauty in this spectacular short film who shows the several faces of love and passion through his unique images.
Capturing our pure, human form in the silence of light. Life, a luminescent force. 
Inside myself, the precise instant when an image must be held.” (www.rossanobmaniscalchi.com)

The Story
The storyline is based on a love affair where the main characters are deeply living their social and working life in the Leather Industry.
The plot, which speaks of loves, betrayals, and returns is just the excuse to offer a different point of view.
The focus is in fact on the inner world and the emotions of the characters represented in a visionary and masterful by the director.
The unmistakable style, research in the use of light and color, special effects and music are all elements that create an immediate empathy with the characters making this film exciting and engaging.

Actress: Nadia Ricci
Actress: Martina Marotta
Walter Nestola (https://1blog4u.com/2017/12/23/walter-nestola-actor-director/)
Actress: Aurora Fasano

The music
The music score, editing and sound design for the film were composed and created by AntonelloManca. He is an Italian composer who has worked for many National Tv Networks creating for their films the soundtracks. He’s also a music teacher and he plays on a “NICHOLAS DIDIER L’AINE”, a rare and splendid violin of the first half of ‘700.
Since 2014, he is the violinist and official composer at the Geminiani’s London orchestra.
This is the fourth soundtrack Antonello Manca create for Rossano 
B. Maniscalchi’s film productions, the others are: Failing Light and Cocoon Redox both in competition last year at La Jolla International Fashion Film and Forbidden Body.
The introduction of TOUCH ME opens with a deep sense of intrigue. A choral undertone echoes and builds to a crescendo of foreboding depth.
The music continues emphasizing the sense of waiting, the visible emotion that transpires from the faces. Antonello Manca’s soundtrack accompanies us in this story of intrigue, passion, betrayal, beauty and 

Kinedimorae, a Milan-based video boutique, took care of the post-production process, from editing to color-grading and visual effects.
Producer Claudia Di Lascia, editor Alessandro Crovi, and director and post-production artist Michele Bizzi met with Rossano B. Maniscalchi at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival in July 2017.
“We were fascinated with Rossano’s work and we felt incredibly honoured to meet him in La Jolla. Something clicked, and we started fantasising about a project together. We are extremely happy we were able to contribute to this film and be involved with such an eclectic artist.”says Kinedimorae’s co-owner Michele Bizzi.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

The stylist: Irina Shkolnaya
Irina Shkolnaya is a very talented Kazakhstan stylist with an impressive experience achieved through years of important studies and cooperations in the fashion field. Thanks to her mother, she attended a Fashion school in her Country where she learned many important aspects related to what she wanted to become.
In the earlier career she was also a model and after a period traveling, she arrived in Italy where she met some important people who introduced her to the Florentine school of fashion design and modellism. She soon left her work to dedicate most of her time to study and acquire as much knowledge as possible on the design and technical works and she also attended the Fashion school Marangoni in Milan. She was then selected to become part of a special high profile team of designers in Dubai, where she had the opportunity to meet a very high-end clientele and create luxurious dresses. Once she came back to Italy, she was contacted from an Important Fashion institute in Milan with an offer to teach other people her knowledge and creativity.
She’s actually cooperating with them and she’s also projecting her own Brand and Logo.
Every single dress has been hand made by the stylist and all the details have been created by her superbe vision of beauty and elegance.

Finis Terre: The Mineral Make Up
Finis Terre is an Italian makeup Company who devoted its time to researching the perfect solution to create attractive products without any chemical addition. Its main purpose is to offer a high range of natural elements with spectacular results and colors for the makeup.
Many women say using mineral makeup has woken up their artistic side. Using free powders encourages their ability to create perfectly mixed combinations. The possibility of a wet or creamy application also encourages the creation of new nuances, shades, and uses.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

Director, Photographer and Choreographer: Rossano B Maniscalchi
Art Director, Sceneography and Art Editor: Serena Del Nero
Post-production: Michele Bizzi
Editing: Alessandro Crovi
Production Coordinator and Communication Manager: Incoronata Di Leo

Camera Operator: Cristiano Gazzarrini
Camera Assistant: Massimiliano Boldrini
Jimbal’s operators: Giacomo Metelli & Claudio Cirri
Drone’s aereal shots photographer at Villa Poggitazzi: Landi di Marco Landi
Drone’s operator and assistant at Villa Poggitazzi: Leandro Lapi & Maurizio Conti
Drone’s operator at Parco Corsini, Fucecchio: Francesco Buggea
Backstage film operator: Massimo Pocci
Backstage photographer: Roberto Bruscoli
Fashion Blogger and Backstage photographer: Valentina Santoro

Film Credits Extras
Barbara Grazzini
Valentina Santoro
Sandra Bellinato
Samuele Belli
Emanuele De Luca
Jacopo Babbo

Catering Delizie Deliziose di Claudio Cenni
Exclusive Promotion di Alessio Ceravola

Jewels Cristian Fenzi & Fabio Gianni

Horses owners and trainers Liborio Turco & Vincenzo Turco

Make Up Finis Terre – Mineral make up made in Italy – San Giovanni Valdarno – Tuscany

Special thanks: Alexander Tolstoy, Helen Duvall, Alena Dlabacova, Claudia Di Lascia, Elisabetta Bonarelli, 
Roberta Di Leo

Antica Villa Poggitazzi – Terranuova Bracciolini: Lombardi Concetta

Ville sull’Arno Florence – Residential Manager: Riccardo Balconi

SPONSOR La Fortezza 

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

“See under love”
“We live in an era of specialization.
One doctor can attend to our eyes, but we need to find another doctor if we have trouble with our throats. The men who can build the walls of our houses would have no idea how to make a table or chair.
Our artists produce abstractions, or installations, or videos.
Our photographers are expected to devote themselves exclusively to fashion, or art, or portraiture.
Our world, in short, is divided into smaller and smaller segments, even as it grows larger and larger.Which is all the more reason to be grateful for Rossano B. Maniscalchi.
Maniscalchi is that rarest of creatures, a photographer who loves the world in its every aspect, manifestation, and condition, without reservations and without categories.
He refuses to confine himself.
There is, it seems, nothing at all – nothing photographable – that does not fascinate him.
He is equally at home, and equally inventive, with portraits, with fashion, with nudes, with still lifes.
With whatever it is that catches and returns light.
What’s truly remarkable about Maniscalchi’s work, though, is the way in which it is, on one hand, uncategorizable — one could not possibly claim him as an art photographer who also works in fashion, or vice versa – but, on the other, imbued with a vision, a technique, and an intelligence that’s immediately identifiable as his and his alone.
His interests are vast, but his pictures are idiosyncratic and personal.
He possesses, in abundance, that quality most essential to a true artist: the ability to be true to the world while looking at it in a way that does not exactly resemble that of any other artist, alive or dead.
Although it is of course a contradiction in terms, one might think of Maniscalchi as a serene ecstatic. Serene in that he records with laser-like accuracy the ways in which light strikes the curve of a hip, the folds of a curtain, the hollows of a face.
Ecstatic in the palpable delight he takes in everything and everyone he sees.
The skin of an apple is as potent and magical as the chin of a great writer.
An aged hand is as voluptuous and beautiful, in its way, as a woman’s breast. In short, Maniscalchi insists on the beauty, the pure wonder, of everything and everyone.
He refuses to make distinctions.
He tells us, through his photographs, that we live in a remarkable place known as the world, and that the world in which we live produces nothing, not one single thing, not one face or flower or grain of sand, that is not worthy of praise. Bless you". Michael Cunnigham (Pulitzer Prize)

ph. courtesy Rossano B. Maniscalchi

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