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 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

The Kiss by FRANCESCO CUOMO. Art to live.

 We went to the opening of the new flagship showroom of FORMITALIA Luxury Group & MIRABILI Arte d'Abitare and among the many artists and designers exhibited today we will talk about FRANCESCO CUOMO, present at the inauguration and his "kisses".
We report his words: “Hi, I'm Francesco Cuomo. This ceramic kiss in your hands is more than just an art object; it is a message of love, a gesture of affection crystallized in the purest form.
Every kiss is a unique work of art, born from passion and instinct, ready to remind you of the beauty of a shared smile and the peace that only a gesture of love can give.
In a fast-paced world, a kiss can be an anchor of serenity, a reminder to stop and appreciate moments of authentic connection.
With this kiss, I want to encourage you to spread smiles and brighten the lives of those around you.
It is an invitation to experience art not only as contemplation but as a daily experience of beauty and harmony.
This kiss is a symbol of affection and light, and remember: every time you receive a kiss, the world seems a little brighter place.”

What is kindness? There are many philosophical considerations in this sense but I believe (in a nutshell) that we can all agree in maintaining that kindness is a type of behavior characterized by acts of generosity, consideration, assistance or concern for others, without expecting praise or reward in return.
Well, FRANCESCO CUOMO is a kind person and artist.
Even if he shakes your hand for a quick hello (it happens during events of this type), he looks you in the eyes, as if to make you understand that he is greeting you, whoever you are, and no one else.
If you are lucky enough to be able to have a chat, you will find confirmation of this first sensation.
You also find coherence between the person, the artist and his works.
A very nice idea was also to give everyone present a small bag containing a kiss-shaped brooch.
Below you will also find his short Curriculum Vitae, provided to us by Mirabili Arte d'Abitare (produced on the occasion of the FRANCESCO CUOMO Folli Colorate Ironie exhibition) and the link to the Gallery where we published our photos.

Enjoy the reading

Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

Cuomo's creativity is also unlimited' and ready to invade, with his expressive power, armchairs, lamps, vases, chaise lounges, purses, scarves, shiny tote bags, mini all-purpose objects that can be charms, buckles, pins. Art to touch, wear, live in daily life ("It's as if people touched my soul, my emotions", the artist explains), created in collaboration with numerous companies, from Coveri to Luxottica, from Colmar to Ichendorf. And always rigorously dedicated to Made in Italy.
Let me simplify: the more others are happy, the more you are happy. The more you love, the more you are loved, the more you are happy. These are not trivial ideas, especially in times like these. And the art of FRANCESCO CUOMO, painter and poet from Eboli who has migrated to Tuscany, says this clearly: actually, he himself repeats it in the lines that accompany a brochure presenting his work, one of those items that is guaranteed to be found in the bag of every self-respecting artist.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

"... he was born in Eboli in 1973, he has written and painted since 1996. He began to paint, simply, for love

FRANCESCO CUOMO says: "I began because I wanted to make this immense and unique emotion tangible, through colours... I have always wished to be able to transmit emotions to people, I love to give happiness, I put it before my own happiness, I am glad when I can make others smile, my emotions are born from the pleasure I hope to make others feel.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

A clearer demonstration than this is unthinkable, so great is the naturalness with which he presents himself in front of those who look at his paintings: his message is both strong and unexpected in a world where torment, ecstasy, and -so to speak- nihilism are king. If an artist joins existence with positivity and tries to express it, to transmit it to others through paintings or poems, we may not even realize it any more: instead, with FRANCESCO CUOMO, the danger of "distraction" is a problem that never arises. He will tell you this, but even more will be told by his works, likeable, cheerful, original, airy, alive: colour is the dominus that is weaved and unravels, it deliberately strikes you and unleashes imagination. Surely, the underlying philosophy that guides this artist from Tuscany-Eboli is his merit. Again: "For me, colour means cheer, it means the joy of life, it means being positive, colour is emotion. For me colour is the future." And it's true, you just have to observe his acrylic paintings on canvas to realize it. A technique that is still young, but with a strong awareness of the value of colour, of its immense capacity for attraction, almost as if this were the high road to the heart. Colour has marked the rhythm of life since time began. The “heart” is the centre of FRANCESCO CUOMO's work, when he portrays Diego Armando Maradona, when he immortalizes the Earth, when he speaks, using his paintbrush, of his great romantic adventure, the one that set him off towards his "vocation". Recently his artistic, but also human, adventure has been enriched by experiences, contacts, and fusion: the glamour world of fashion and design has identified him among the many artists who, as opposed to FRANCESCO CUOMO, explore lands that have already been discovered. In many abused cases. But not with him: the freshness of his works, undoubtedly original if only for his enveloping use of colour, has prevailed on more than one occasion.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

From here, his participation in prestigious events such as Art Basel in the Work of Persol project, his name on the designer label of accessory and gift lines such as Ichendorf, his participation in international exhibitions in Shanghai, and much more. High-level brand names such as Colmar and Persol have even focused on him as the central figure of recent successful promotional campaigns.

Even the world of cinema has approached his works, as in the case of the film "Questa Notte è Ancora Nostra" and the television series "Amiche Mie", where his works have been used for set design, as well as the logo of the MedFilmFestival and the Volkswagen Beetle dedicated to Bimbingamba.

All in all, the adventure of a coloured heart that seems as though it never wants to stop. (Mirabili Arte d’Abitare)


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