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DIABOLIK exhibition

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

💛 DIABOLIK AND THE SECRET OF CADORNA - From 25 March to 24 April, an exhibition was held in the Milan Cadorna station where we were able to admire objects, images and insights into the history of Diabolik linked to the Cadorna railway station and collect our own free copy of a special issue.

Below we publish the press release and statements from the President of Ferrovie Nord. 

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Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

Diabolik's story coincides with that of sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani.

Two beautiful, cultured, witty and restless ladies of the good Milanese bourgeoisie who had the courage to become entrepreneurs of themselves in years in which such an operation was anomalous to say the least, and who did not hesitate to face accusations and criticisms, trials and seizures despite to persevere in their "great adventure".

Two brilliant creatives who not “only” invented the character that has now entered the collective imagination of Italians, but also their own way of making comics. To think it, to write it, to manage it, to live it.

The first issue of Diabolik, entitled "The King of Terror", arrived on newsstands in November 1962, published by the little-known Astorina Publishing House, founded by an enterprising lady named Angela Giussani. 


 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

Born in Milan in 1922, she has a strong, extroverted and rebellious character.

In the 1950s, when the few women who drove a car were still looked at with curiosity and suspicion, Angela had a pilot's license, rode horses, skied and practiced various other sports. And she works hard.

At first as a model for fashion and advertising photos (unforgettable in the Lux soap advertisement) and then also as a journalist and editor.

Next to her, a little intimidated by that explosive personality, lives her younger sister. Apparently more rational and concrete, Luciana (born in Milan in 1928) initially had a quiet career as an employee. 

After graduating from the German school she found a good job at a well-known vacuum cleaner factory, and in post-war Italy a stable, well-paid job could have seemed like a lifelong ambition. For her, however, it is only a transition phase.

Because she's not content to just watch her older sister's first editorial adventures: she's eager to join her.

On the other hand, Angela also feels the need for support, for an alter ego. The writing of stories and screenplays for Diabolik immediately fascinated Luciana, who continued the direction of the magazine on her own, after the death of her sister (diabolik.it)



 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

The birth of Diabolik in 1962 is closely linked to the history of the Ferrovie Nord and in particular to the Milan Cadorna station.

It was precisely by observing the commuters getting on and off the trains that Angela Giussani had the idea of ​​creating a paperback comic for adults that was easy to read. To further establish this bond, a logistical detail, so to speak. 

The Astorina Publishing House was based in via Leopardi 25, literally a stone's throw from the Cadorna station which, with its river of people coming and going, was the inspiration for a character and his events which still have, over 60 years later, an extraordinary success.


 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

To remember and celebrate this curious mix of stories, we have decided to publish and disseminate for free an original adventure by Diabolik, engaged in a "Robbery of the FERROVIENORD".

The episode linked to the creation of Diabolik confirms, once again, the profound meaning and centrality that the FERROVIENORD, starting from 1877, have had in Lombard society, in the lives and imagination of many people.

It is a very rich cultural heritage that we are committed to enhancing with many initiatives”. (Fulvio Caradonna President of FERROVIENORD)

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