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Marco Tullio Giordana

backstage Marco Tullio Giordana's movie NOME DI DONNA

backstage Marco Tullio Giordana's movie NOME DI DONNA - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
In Milan, right in between jobs, during a break you might feel like having hit the lottery and run into the filming of "something".
Maybe a commercial spot?  
You think you might have seen a famous producer but of course you think "No way, that can't be Him!".
Then you ask around what could that actually be, verify the info with a quick Google search, and after having said "thank you, Saint of Good luck", you finally grab a camera and start shooting.
This is how this brief photo report came about and it's actually a tribute to the director himself, the entire cast but most importantly the crew members who work tirelessly to piece the puzzle together just like a blue sky.
Because only when the sky is blue one could admire the stars.
Is this why we call them movie stars?
That's what I like to think for sure.
 Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u
Director : Marco Tullio Giordana (4 times winner of the David di Donatello award). He needs no introduction. An entire life dedicated to the movie and theater industry and, let alone all of the awards he took home, he wrote an important page of Italian Film making.
Cast: Cristiana CapotondiValerio BinascoMichele RiondinoAdriana AstiMichela Cescon Laura Marinoni
Subject: Cristiana Mainardi
Screenplay: Cristiana Mainardi and Marco Tullio Giordana
A movie entirely shot in italy, produced by Lionello Cerri for Lumière & Co with RaiCinema and co-produced by Celluloid Dreams