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TOM DIXON - Euroluce 2023

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
With twenty years of exhibitions, installations, restaurants, gigs and monasteries at FUORISALONE, we felt it was time to surprise ourselves and our customers with our first ever appearance at EUROLUCE – the world’s pre-eminent lighting show at the heart of the biggest and most important design show: Salone Internazionale del Mobile”. (Tom Dixon)
This year we want more. Much much more. More colour, more variations, more unexpected combinations in floor lamps and chandeliers, table tops and textiles to give our design afficionados a deeper, wider palette of opportunity to help build perfect interiors. More flexibility in where we can illuminate and how we design, so that’s why we call this year CHOICE. The essential skill in the construction of special spaces requires judicial choices. So, we worked and worked to open up the collection to this unexpectedly vast series of possibilities.” (Tom Dixon)
After 3 years of continuous uncertainty, volatility and economic hardship brought by COVID, we're going back to our original roots; focusing on creativity, innovation, and... CHOICE. Our idea behind our new CHOICE campaign is to give the market a glimpse of light and inspire the world to play and be creative again. Our team has worked hard to create a robust supply chain that can offer unprecedented number of possibilities and combinations that we can deliver to the market in record speed.” (Hans Hoegstedt, Tom Dixon’s CEO)

Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners


Introducing a new category to our lighting family: the PORTABLES.⁠ 
⁠ Our new MELT, STONE and BELL portable lights are rechargeable and can be used indoors or outdoors. ⁠
If there is one thing that characterises the rapidly changing world that we inhabit, it is mobility, the way we live and work and play is dominated by an increased need for portability and flexibility. No longer do we want to be tethered to a fixed desk or power outlet, so increasingly we want our light to move with us, thankfully the magic of technology has come to the rescue with powerful batteries and low energy light sources combined to allow us to illuminate wherever we choose with complete adaptability. And it’s for this reason we have loved working on a new series of expressive rechargeable occasional lighting! Our new PORTABLE lights can be used indoors or outdoors, on a shelf, desk, bench or wherever you want to place it”. (Tom Dixon)

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners


Inspired by inflatable geometry, PUFF is an intricate polyhedral object made of 30 metal panels, arrayed to form the rigid structure of a 45cm diameter lamp. The flat metal diamond shapes are expanded and ballooned as though they have been inflated thanks to the cunning incised pattern that allows a soft curve to be introduced and light to be emitted. The etched, and perforated panels of PUFF create small but highly reflective facets that disperse myriad internal reflections making the inside akin to a shimmering inverted disco ball.
PUFF is a true statement light set to act as a focal point in any environment. Like all Tom Dixon most-recognisable designs, PUFF has the instant power to transform and elevate any spaces. Available in Brass and Silver, the PUFF collection includes single pendants, trio round pendant system and mega pendant system. (Tom Dixon)

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners


“A brand-new pedestal that can be mixed and matched with 16 of Tom Dixon iconic shades including MELT and MIRROR BALL.
There is a reason that we keep coming back to simple geometries, these basic shapes feel right because they are the most reduced possibility for a given job, and this is particularly evident with our new series of conical lamp bases CONE. After many attempts at designing the optimum floor lamp base, this minimal resolution is the culmination of our efforts. A perfectly executed metal cone becomes the most appropriate and elegant pedestal to support and enhance a multitude of different luminous possibilities from our range of polycarbonate lampshades”.(Tom Dixon)

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners


“Endless colour and fabric options available for the iconic FAT and WINGBACK chair. 
Tom Dixon’s furniture icons, FAT and WINGBACK, now come upholstered in Kvadrat fabrics in hundreds of different colours. Carefully selected to perfectly pair with Tom Dixon’s designs, the new upholstery offering spans across six Kvadrat collections and the full colour spectrum. From vibrant piece-dyed woollen textiles to sumptuous stretch velvet, there is a FAT or WINGBACK available for every room, every décor and every occasion” (Tom Dixon)

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