- Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
The comic strip district takes shape
After Valentina comes Diabolik

Work has begun for the artistic redevelopment of Via Pesto, between via Tolstoi and via San Cristoforo, for the construction of a new mural dedicated to the history of Italian comics and sponsored by Town Hall 6.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
After the success of the work of over 400sqm in Via San Cristoforo, dedicated to Guido Crepax and Valentina, his most famous character, the idea launched by Municipio 6 takes shape to create, a short distance from the iconic church in via San Cristoforo , a district that celebrates the history of Italian comics, narrating Milan with the stylistic language of the greatest authors of comics.
Also for this work, of almost 500 square meters, a cult was chosen: the famous Diabolik, a fascinating anti-hero created in 1962 by the Milanese Angela and Luciana Giussani.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
Even today, after almost sixty years and about nine hundred episodes, his adventures paired with Eva Kant are published monthly by the Astorina Publishing House, partner of this ambitious project.
Mario Gomboli, director of Diabolik, said: "Diabolik appeared on the big and small screen, on posters and T-shirts and gadgets of all kinds... all he needed was the walls of the city where he was born."

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
The start of this work is the result of a year of works developed in the network and in collaboration between Municipio 6, the Astorina Publishing House, the condominium in Via Savona 97 (owner of the walls), the Museum of Cultures of Milan MUDEC , the technical sponsors NewLac, Consorzio Bramante and with the support of Vibrostop, a company based just beyond the wall on which the young artists of "We Run the Street" are once again called to merge in a balanced way "the pen of great cartoonists and their spray cans”, as stated by Prosa, Milanese writer and President of the artistic association.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
"This work celebrates the art of comics through public art" declares Santo Minniti, President of Municipio 6 and goes on to say that "Comics have represented and still represent an important piece of our popular culture.
The characters of the comics were able to get out of print and enter the collective imagination and today, with the creation of a district of comics, they offer us the opportunity to make attractive a neighborhood that was degraded and inhospitable until a few months ago" (www.diabolik.it)

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