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LASVIT - Euroluce 2023

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
LASVIT brought the exhibition “It All Comes From Above” to Euroluce 2023. Surprising. If we were to use only one adjective to describe LASVIT, we would use “surprising”.
LASVIT installations always arouse surprise, amazement, wonder and that is why during the Salone del Mobile and specifically Euroluce, we always pass, in any case, to visit them, because we know that they will surprise us.
Below you will find a description of some of the installations we photographed and we take this opportunity to thank their press office for the material provided to us.
Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u
“There are things above us that deserve attention. We don’t think about them, don’t look at them. It’s only when they are gone, we notice we miss them. The natural light diffused by the clouds’ natural shade. The original chandelier hanging from the night sky consisting of billions of stars. It’s the most commonplace things in every part of the world. Connecting all of humanity across the globe. Yet, so easy to forget they are there. For us, it’s the brightest source of inspiration”.(LASVIT)

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

Cloud by Maxim Velčovský

"The focal point of our presentation was Cloud by Maxim Velčovský.
Clouds have been significant in many different cultures throughout history. They have been seen as a source of mystery and fascination, with various myths and legends surrounding them. Yet, equally, the ‘cloud’ is a technology phenomenon reminiscent of structure and connectivity. 

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

Watching Clouds is a personal meditative experience but also an inclination we have as humankind. Cloud explores the connection of individuals and structure, individual perspectives connected into something larger, something that transcends us". (LASVIT)

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

Florescence by Martin Gallo

"Martin Gallo, a member of the Lasvit design team, presented his flower-like wall installation Florescence. The design concept combines organic shapes of glass with the play of caustic effects, creating the appearance of a blossoming flower growing on the wall. The modular wall-mounted glass installation is inspired by natural organic forms which, with proper lighting, can blossom before our very eyes. Observing flowers is known to stimulate dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin levels, the hormones of happiness, and Gallo aims to build on this effect with his design concept".(LASVIT)

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

A:Live compositions

Life is never stagnant. On the contrary, it is in constant flux. Just as we are constantly moving and changing, so too does the A:Live installation. With a set of simple movements, it creates complex and seemingly living compositions,” says Stefan Mihailovič, member of LASVIT Design Team.

"The whole world is in constant motion and movement is an integral part of all life. Nothing living stands still, and the same applies to the modular kinetic installation A:Live, created by Stefan Mihailovic.
The central building block of A:Live is a rotational module with an electric motor.
The module can be adorned with a diverse selection of glass components, ranging from spheres to rods or sheets of flat glass which change the installation’s entire look.
With a set of simple movements, A:Live forms endlessly complex and seemingly living compositions.
A:Live is part of LASVIT’s Icons. These iconic timeless designs have been refashioned into versatile lighting design systems, each with its unique character and story".(LASVIT)

Visit the Gallery (ph. Vaifro Minoretti for 1blog4u)