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 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

A day off walking around the ARTIGIANO IN FIERA's pavillons; one of the widest fairs of craftsmanship in the world. Founded in 1996 to promote handmade product from across the world, is one of the most significant economic and social phenomena of the last twenty years.

It is an ideal opportunity for Christmas shopping, with an unbeatable range of high quality.


1) LE GEMME: components and accessories. Materials for making handmade jewelry: beads, semiprecious stones, small parts, silver, horn, macramé www.legemmecreation.com

2) Martine Nieuwland owner of AMERICAN-STORE Leeuwarden. The biggest collection of miniatures cars and motorcycles USA in Europe; nostalgic sheet plates; license plates; memories of the 50's; collectable USA objects; flags. www.american-store.eu

3) ATELIER GATTI: shirts and men,s suits tailored and made in Italy, using only the best fabrics, but also scarves, sweaters, belts, ties and bow ties. www.sartoriagatti.com

4) LE PIGOTTINE DI VANDA: hand made objects. Dolls, angels, gnomes, fairies and many other beautiful, enchanting and charming objects. Entirely and rigorously Made in Italy. All handcrafted. (Also courses and video tutorials) www.lepigottinedivanda.it

5) SPICCHI DI MARE: handmade of 925 silver jewelry. The thread they use is the one used for sewing the sails of the boats. www.spicchidimare.com

6) CHRISTMAS-BELLAGIO: glass Christmas ornaments. Glass-blowing. High quality, entirely and rigorously Made in Italy. All handcrafted. www.christmas-bellagio.com

7) Towards the end of a day spent visiting a trade fair, the only voice you hear is the one of your feet, back and melted brain that tell you: "enough! I want to go back home! Take a shower and lie down on the couch and don't think about anything for at least 1/2 hour!" And while you focus on the signs "exit" ... BAM!! You come across on the stand DANBER ITALIA. The first 10 seconds you say, "wow!" and you stop watching.

Then you are captured by the impeccable hospitality of Emanuela Berruti with a smile, a face and eyes that light up to you and put you in peace with a hard day's work. I asked myself in those moments, "from where do this strength and this energy come?" Simple answer: passion! Passion and love for their work! And ... (I might add) the beauty of the 100% Made in Italy and 100% handmade! 

DANBER ITALIA is an historical company located in Lissone, Monza e Brianza, founded in 1922 by Carlo Ratti, sculptor, artist and cabinetmaker.

In the 30's it then turns into a researching company specialising in the new technology of curved laminated wood.

Carlo Berruti, the current owner, joined the family business in the mid-70s, introducing innovations and design. 

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather (an enthusiast in wood and sculpturing), Carlo Berruti started designing chairs, armchairs and soft, elastic armchairs until the beginning of this current century, when he re-invented himself and the business as an art furniture shop.

Furniture in line with traditional craftsmanship, distances itself from ordinary furnishing standards.

They have a wide collection of handmade furniture comprised of sideboards, bookshelves, chairs, armchairs, chests of drawers, cabinets, paintings and much more. 

All the pieces are decorated by hand and feature vintage artwork as well as modern artwork and each piece becomes collectable and unique, made to last for generations and will give your interiors a WOW factor. www.danber.it



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