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#AperolSpritz #HappyTogether

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

#AperolSpritz - #HappyTogether Party: Naviglio Grande, Milan, Italy

On September 6, 2017, Aperol Spritz hosted a special event in Naviglio Grande, Milan, to celebrate the largest Aperol Spritz Happy Together toast.

The staff from 1blog4u attended the event to celebrate the last of the summer days, now that holidays are over and we are all back to Milan’s usual work routine. We toasted with one of the most popular Italian aperitifs, Aperol Spritz, an original 100% Made in Italy product, by one of the now rare Italian producers.

We should also note that the event was truly perfect in all respects: the ancient and romantic location, the participants, the music, the light playing on the water surface, the orange color represented in all of its shades; even the purpose of the event – “celebrate the last of the summer days” - turned out to be true and to the point: heavy and incessant rain came in the days immediately following the celebration.

Milan’s Naviglio Grande was immersed in a magical orange glow; on a lead wall, “The Great Cheers” was projected, showing the toast through thousands of pictures shared on social media by all the participants!

Live Music with Djset: M+A / Romare and Live Show: Bruno Belissimo; finger food to accompany Aperol Spritz; areas for relaxing, for socializing with new people; many other types of entertainment to amuse the participants: these are some of the activities offered at the Happy Together Party in Milan.

Aperol Spritz was offered at the special price of  5.00 at Aperol Spritz Bars:

- El Brellin – Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 14

- Luca e Andrea – Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 34

- RAL8022 – Via Corsico, 3

- Rebelot – Ripa di P.ta Ticinese, 55

- River – Via Casale, 6

- Sugar – Ripa di P.ta Ticinese, 79

-Twist on Classic – Ripa di P.ta Ticinese, 13

The true protagonists of the evening were the people: people of all ages, who came to have fun, be carefree, be social and meet new and old friends, thanks to this joyful celebration.

Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u


visit the Gallery (ph. credit Vaifro Minoretti)