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FAO Schwarz since 1862

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

FAO Schwarz since 1862 (Fuorisalone 2022)

 During Milan Design Week, Milan becomes hectic, full of curious people or insiders who look like so many crazy ants.

There are many events and you are always afraid of losing someone on your list.

As punctually happens, this is why you often walk hastily, immersed in your thoughts and roadmap.

It is in this context that we were struck by the smile, kindness and invitation of a soldier... who stopped us, diverting us from our thoughts, inviting us to visit the FAO Schwarz store.

In a very simple way, accompanied by a smile, he asked: “Are you a photojournalist? Why don’t you come and visit the store?”

Now, you may be wondering, what’s strange about all this? Soon said.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

You need to know what happens most of the time at an event (or at a Salone del Mobile stand)...

Usually at the reception or front desk, they put a geranium (irony) that most of the time, despite you crediting yourself with a business card, with the pass (press) and the camera attached around your neck, you hear yourself told in the peremptory tone of a border guard: “it is forbidden to take photographs!”...

Point out (with the last remnant of courtesy and education, despite the tiredness) that it is full of students or curious people who take pictures with mobile phones and... nothing to do, the tone and the answer are always the same: "it is forbidden to take photographs".

So you thank you, turn your heels and you leave.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

Why should I write something for rude idiots?

And don’t think that this idiotic attitude belongs to brands that are semi-unknown or not very accustomed to events of this kind. Quite the opposite. Often the most cocky or arrogant are just the most emblazoned.

We are talking about a fair, the Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone (events and installations around Milan) where it is inherent in the concept of visibility, advertising and attracting not only the public, especially operators in the sector.

We’re not talking about cybernetics, new prototype rockets or aerospace material or state secrets.

And above all, what is the point of ban, when hordes of people take pictures with cell phones?

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

So you will agree with us that FAO Schwarz’s approach took us by surprise, and even though a visit was not on our agenda, we stopped on purpose.

Founded in Baltimore in 1862, FAO Schwarz is one of America's oldest toy companies. It opened its famed New York City store in 1870 and has been delighting generations of fun-lovers ever since.

And we can assure you that it was worth it, visiting FAO Schwarz was pure magic. There is no other term to describe this experience. It is one of those places where at least once in your life, you have to go.

Below you will find brief news about FAO Schwarz, useful links and our photo shoot.

Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u  ph. Vaifro Minoretti

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

FAO Schwarz since 1862

The newest FAO Schwarz toy store spans 3 levels with over 600 square meters of signature toys, interactive experiences and shops crafted to offer a world of wonderment for parents and children alike.

More than a toy store, FAO Schwarz is a place of imagination and discovery. Guests to FAO Milan are welcomed by classic plush creations, the iconic FAO clock tower - with a new activity just for Milan - and a whimsical centerpiece of sparkling balloons floating skyward. Beyond the clocktower and rocket ship, a journey of discovery begins, with many new toy brands being launched in Italy for the first time, and some well-loved toy brands come to life with unique new experiences.

The Man with a child-like wonder…

Frederick August Otto Schwarz dreamt of a marvelous bountiful emporium full of extraordinary, one-of-a-kind toys from all over the world. 

His dream became a reality, and today, as the world's most iconic toy store, it has provided wonder and excitement to families for more than 150 years.

More than a toy store

A visit to FAO Schwarz is an experience unlike any other. You are at the center of the story. An adventure larger-than-life that sparks the imagination in all of us awaits every time you step through our doors. 

Over the years, we continue to create new, lasting memories for generations of children and nostalgic moments for adults alike. (www.faoschwarz.com)




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