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MULTIFORME - Euroluce 2023

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
MULTIFORME, another brand visited at Euroluce 2023, because we were impressed by the chandelier “Ambaradan” by Nicola Grandesso but... Murphy put his hand on it and unfortunately the photos came out badly.
We have saved some of them even if they do not do justice to the beauty, mastery and 100% Made in Italy craftsmanship of this company.
Below you will find a short presentation and we take this opportunity to thank them for the welcome and for the material provided to us, inviting you to visit their website.
Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u

““Light up your dreams”: this is Multiforme’s motto that becomes real with the production of our lighting works: unique, handcrafted, precious. Our creations are first born from the fire of an idea, then take shape in the flames of our inexhaustible furnace. Our glassworks and offices are located in the heart of the Veneto Lighting District, between Padua and Venice, but we are not just a Murano chandeliers factory. For years, we have been responding with customised solutions to the many requirements of decorative and custom lighting on an international scale, in public and private environments, historic buildings, hotels, restaurants, and commercial establishments. The handcrafted soul of our lighting products is reinvented every time we start a new project, when we are confronted with technical requirements and customised requests from architects and designers. It is one of our strengths and we are very proud of it: we design and produce custom chandeliers providing solutions according to the customer’s wishes, even on a large scale and out of scale”(www.multiforme.eu)

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
“Ambaradan” by Nicola Grandesso

A journey into the classic Venetian chandelier, a reinterpretation of the iconic Rezzonico-style chandelier with its typical glass bosses and sumptuous decorative apparatus.
Ambaradan is a deconstructed Rezzonico, which lets out the soul of its form, eliminating the ‘excess’ bosses, reducing their number and replacing them with an ordered chaos of spheres. Like a great explosion of soap bubbles, where everything seems to be left to chance, but in fact it is not”(Multiforme)

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
“Light of Love” by Nicola Grandesso

LightOfLove is a hymn to love, as in all classical interpretations (no religious reference), the dove stands for love and peace, something I feel particularly alive at this time and which I have tried to give material form to, realising it with a unique gesture, like love itself, a unique and unequivocal act”.(Multiforme)

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
“Cage” by Leo De Carlo

The aesthetics of a now disused object, the cage, made contemporary by the use of glacial light emphasised through Venetian shapes and colours.
Bars that try to enclose insects, without realising that this is the right way to set them free.
An Ode to Escape. In the past, in bourgeois homes, it was quite common to keep aviaries with more or less exotic birds. A decorative element that went hand in hand with the desire to also own a pet.
But animals in cages never appealed to me! So I created a cage metaphor that could, in a contemporary world, act as a light source and a decorative element.
An object that combines Murano artistic savoir-faire with the technical detail of the lighting component: all shaken up with a multitude of fluttering butterflies which, given the times, helps me to think that there is always a way out of the cage”.(Multiforme)

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
“Ikebana” by Romani Saccani architetti associati

Collection of “classic” inspiration made up of single pendants grouped in ever-changing scenographic settings. Drawing from the sumptuous and varied decorative sample of the classic chandelier of traditional Muranese arms, the arm of floral inspiration was chosen and identified as a representative element, blown and hand-washed by the skilled Venetian craftsmen.
We have taken from a historic chandelier the single bend arm with apical cup to highlight it by suspending it vertically and thus elevating it to an emblem of the expressive virtuosity of the master glassmakers”.(Multiforme)

visit the Gallery (ph. Vaifro Minoretti for 1blog4u)