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ISIA Firenze "Design Fiction"

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

ISIA Firenze “progetto: Design Fiction” and Mirabili Arte d’Abitare 

Mirko Tattarini, curator of the installation for the Fuorisalone in Milan, "Design Fiction" (created by the Strategic Design Course of the Specialized Biennium of ISIA Firenze), in collaboration with Mirabili Arte d'Abitare, explained the assumptions underlying the concept of project.

We at 1blog4u were there, we took some photos that we hope you will like and we thank, once again, Bruno Baglivo art curator for Mirabili Arte d'Abitare for the kind welcome (as always, after all).

Thanks also, obviously, to the ISIA press office for the material provided to us.

Enjoy reading.

Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

It is a meeting of the third millennium in which fourteen absent characters narrate the complex period of migration and climate crisis that we are experiencing. It is as if they were ideally reunited around the Mediterranean Sea, a sea that is now more of a cemetery of men and disillusioned hopes.

And yet, although absent, the characters speak: it will be enough for the visitor to approach the armchair and the sensors detect his presence so that he can listen to the voices of migrants, words of unknown languages, different, controversial and dramatic stories".

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

So here is the idea of ​​the “Design Fiction” project: fourteen hacked armchairs each having its own luminous symbiont.

Fourteen designers have therefore been busy for months dealing with a difficult concept that calls into question the design chain, the need for luxury which has always been a typical characteristic of Italian design, and which screams the need to reach an acceptable dimension.

Yes, because "hacking an object" means reinterpreting it, giving it new life compared to what was foreseen in its initial design and, in this way, revealing its options, expanding its potential uses and therefore preventing it from becoming obsolete.

Unsustainability is inherent to the discipline of design, at least in its first institutionalization,” – explains Mirko Tattarini again – “and it is therefore urgent to extend the life cycle of objects, starting from their conception, because only in this way will a second history of design, intervening profitably in the product system supply chain and returning to exporting good material culture into the future, rather than just waste”.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

And, therefore, the exhibition hosts infographics necessary to draw attention to the complex climatic conditions of our planet and the life difficulties that derive from them, then a drying rack to underline the condition of precariousness experienced in refugee camps on a daily basis, the audio tracks of each armchair, created with the collaboration of the prof. Francesco Bonomi, which report the voices of migrant peoples, the Planet Fiction carpet, designed by Mirko Tattarini and created by the teacher Veronica Bogao, with graphics created on the basis of data on climatic migratory flows, and finally the ISIA Dakar motorbike, an example of ever-present design work in progress, on the way to the next adventure with which to travel the world.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

A project that aims to provide necessary food for thought because, as the director of ISIA Florence, Francesco Fumelli explains, "the life cycle of the product which, instead of undergoing consumption as an end in itself, can acquire new life with the addition of accessories capable of reinterpreting it from scratch even in completely different ways, cannot and must not be ignored by contemporary design".

As we know, ISIA Firenze has always combined innovation and experimentation in its teaching method, without however forgetting the great importance of the tradition of Italian design and "for this reason", states the president of ISIA Firenze, Rosa Maria Di Giorgi, "it was important to be present with one of our displays at the Fuorisalone. ISIA Florence is the first public institute dedicated to design, born in the tradition of the great European schools such as Bauhaus and Ulm and therefore could not be missing in a symbolic place like Milan during the Design Week period".

The designers of the fourteen armchairs are: Annachiara De Marco, Ludovico D'Oro, Emma Carpignani, Arianna Bechmann, Luisa Balestri, Eulalia Talamo, Irene Schiavinato, Federica Sani, Arianna Pinzi, Marta Panzarin, Ludovica Ottaviani, Eleonora Marsiglio, Raffaele Marra and Sara Gervasi. (Serena Bedini)


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