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AMARCORDS vintage lamps

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
AMARCORDS debuts at Euroluce 2019, the international exhibition of lighting, which has reached its 30th edition this year. The young brand of lighting technology, which was born in 2015, it is present for the first time at the Biennale della luce, next to the big names. A place that AMARCORDS has conquered thanks to the success achieved on the field in these in the last few years. As a manufacturer of vintage-flavored light bulbs, today AMARCORDS is a lighting brand with a strong attitude for contract and tailor-made solutions.
In addition to a great attention to sustainability. At Euroluce AMARDORDS presented five new lines: Carbon, Alhambra, Egg, Marble and Concrete.

Carbon includes pendant lamps and table lamps in recycled paper and clay, 
completely handmade in Italy. The raw features are reminiscent of lava stone, while the electrical cable is covered in fine cotton.
The Alhambra line includes products in recycled paper and clay, totally handmade in Italy. The rough cream-coloured features are reminiscent of raw cement; the electric cable is lined with cotton and linen.
Concrete is characterized by the use of recycled paper and clay; pure cement to the touch, with electric cable covered in cotton.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
 Corten also chose recycled paper and clay, but the colour is corten wood, and the sensation to the touch is that of touching stone and metal.
Marble includes luxurious and elegant marble and metal suspensions.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
Egg takes the classic shape of the egg and includes suspensions in clay and recycled paper, soft colors, pastel. Surfaces look imperfect and delicate to the touch.
Finally Lu Mino is the collection of table lamps abat-jour style created completely by hand by Italian artists. Metals and finishes of great prestige distinguish a simple product with a modern retro design.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
The flavor of the AMARCORDS product is vintage. The first collections of light bulbs evoke the New York underground environments, but the brand is projected into the future with important collaborations with designers and architecture studios. The versatility and flexibility of the business model makes AMARCORDS the ideal partner to find the best contract solutions for public spaces, as well as a reliable and secure reference for domestic environments.

We are thrilled to be making our debut at Euroluce just four years after the birth of
AMARCORDS. And above all to be in the same pavilion, of some of the most important international signatures of light, comments Marco Avarello, CEO and co-founder of AMARCORDS.
For the near future - he announces - we are aiming at the internationalization of our
brand with the European market as the first objective for the distribution of our collections.
In the meantime, we are working to expand the portfolio of collaborations, increasingly with a view to solutions for public spaces.

AMARCORDS is a young lighting brand founded in 2015 by Rocco Orlando and Marco Avarello who, after having shared the same workplace for twenty years in an electronics company, have taken different paths but have never lost sight of each other. In January 2015 they met to launch a new entrepreneurial initiative together, knowing each other's skills and qualities. A relationship of esteem and trust that pushes them to launch on the market an innovative solution in the sector, a version 2.0 of the electrical equipment trade that, in a short time, becomes a real brand that today furnishes many public spaces in Italy, from catering to retail. Ready to establish itself among the international design brands  (Press release www.amarcords.com).
Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u