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diMètiu shoes and accessories

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
Today I will talk about the brand diMètiu and Matteo Vanzolini, the owner and designer.
I met Matteo Vanzolini a few years ago, I went to visit him in his boutique in Rimini, a shop that is a gem and I was particularly impressed by his creations, especially the shoes.
I was struck by the models, very elegant, the beautiful and colorful patterns and the attention, I would say obsessive for the details.
Smiling and kind person with a clear love and passion for his creative work.
In addition, particularly not insignificant, his creations are 100% Made in Italy, this places him right on the step of excellence and exclusivity.
Time has passed, as I said, but the style and class of Matteo Vanzolini's creations, I must say that remain unchanged. The models are always very beautiful, particular and unique.
The fantasies he chooses are always wonderful and let's not forget that it is possible, upon request, to make unique and personalized models and finally, but not least... it is and continues to be an exclusive 100% Made in Italy.
Below you will find a press release with some more news about diMètiu and Matteo Vanzolini and don't forget to visit the Gallery
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 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
diMètiu interprets in a creative way the spirit of a sparkling and ironic woman, who loves not to be unseen in all her femininity and elegance. diMètiu stands out for the determined style personality, the intense/keen materials research, the faultless handcrafted production rigorously Made in Italy. He proposes exclusive and limited-edition collections, with rare samples, and a special ‘custom-made’ line, dedicated to the realization of unique pieces, re-edited creatively, according to the specific requirements of the customer”.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
Matteo Vanzolini was born in Rimini in 1983. During the training years, he develops the fascination and a keen aesthetic sense for women shoes.
He obtained the Artistic High School diploma and after he graduated as shoe designer at CERCAL – Centro Ricerca e Scuola Internazionale Calzaturiera – at San Mauro Pascoli (FC), in one of the most relevant shoe industrial district. Thanks to a versatile educational path for brands located in San Mauro and Marche areas, he gains experience in the practice and technical supervision, and always more passion for the stylistic learning; the meeting with the designer Diego Dolcini, as personal assistant for the main line, will get crucial. This experience will be essential for a more overall technical and stylistic training and more and more kindred to his passion; with the style office he works on the capsule collections for the brand Scholl, Scholl Fashion and Scholl Luxury.
After years of collaboration, in 2011 Matteo decided to work as a freelancer and created his own brand diMètiu, starting a new personal path always and exclusively oriented to women shoes”.