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BALOSSA White Shirt

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

BALOSSA: the perfection of asymmetry

Spring Summer 2018 Collection

Male and feminine, nothing is taken for granted, contrast of different lengths, harmony or desirable disharmony of shapes and proportions for the BALOSSA Spring Summer 2018 Collection by Indra Kaffemanaite, who brilliantly breaks the rules giving an unforeseen imprinting to the elegance. That of BALOSSA is a short circuit, a game between fantasy and reality, the fashion designer draws the femininity of BALOSSA's shirt, the leit motif of her brand, combining the odds of unusual lines with the romance, the unexpected surprise to define the beauty, the asymmetry as a rule, the change for everything that is order and that becomes disorder... in harmony.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

A re-elaboration of the concept that Indra Kaffemanaite wants to express, poetically, where she highlights the over sizes with proportions and exchanges of shapes to reach thin geometries, the declination of the asymmetry of the one shoulder shirt, the seductive design of the shirt that becomes a jacket by the large shoulders, corsets and unbalanced lengths, subtle asymmetrical geometries such as fourreau on straight trousers (the black that joins with the white in a harmonious game) the dis-equilibrium of a shirt, open on its hips, which becomes tunic with the back of the shoulders, as a jewel the exchange of the left with the right, the "sleeveless effects", cuts and ruffles, cloaks, double layers, drapes, the small shirt enriched by a triumphant back, the Indra Kaffemanaite’s game breaks the rules for the harmony of a perfect asymmetry.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

Color palette and materials... the obsession for white that joins, in harmony, with black, beige, ancient rose, pink and yellow, formulating romantic and very soft proposals in pure cotton fabrics, organza, georgette, linen and stretch poplin, re-proposing the magical Ramie, a completely natural linen-like fabric derived from the bark of the Boehmeria plant of the Urticacee family, which is grown mainly in China, Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines, which, mixed with cotton, increases its strength and the absorption capacity… Balossa, the perfection of asymmetry!

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