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YAMAHA acoustic guitar APX-8

YAMAHA acoustic guitar APX-8

YAMAHA  acoustic guitar APX-8 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

The YAMAHA APX-8 is slightly smaller than average, very handy, the fingerboard eases improvisational genres, and pop music styles.

Excellent sound, very full-bodied and faithful to the output with the amplifiers.

Easy access to the upper parts and a clean sound for live use, giving characteristic of a natural, full, and precise out line.

The wide range of dynamics, the excellent sensitivity and the amazing clarity make this instument an amazing model.

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners

Recommended equipment:

  • plectrum Fender medium, its shape is excellent and functional for the action on the strings. The degree of playability of this instrument is high, and therefore the level of performance is also high. It reacts well to the various situations that could be found in the different locations, like live in the open areas as well in the premises, thanks to the sound full of harmonics especially in sequential chords.

    Interesting to make a historical comparison with the Stradivari’s 1700 guitar, in terms of size and manageability.

    The fingerboard allows you to reach easily all frets, and even in any guitar solo you feel stability and comfort.


 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
  • Roland AC40 amplifier, thanks to the equalization you can get a clear, round sound with a reverb tip. Using the guitar channel it is possible to mix the output optimally.

  • PK microphones, absolutely functional the ones supplied by the house.

  • Cable: I recommend the shielded-silent-jack cable (amp protection).

  • As a pedal I would not use effects since this is an acoustic context. During live, in the recording studio or while practice at home it could be useful a volume control pedal type: Behringer FCV100.


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