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THUN Caffé - Milan

THUN Caffé - Milan - Italy

THUN Caffé - Milan - Italy - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
Have you seen the romantic movie "You've Got M@il" by Nora Ephron?
Visiting the new THUN Caffé in Milan (located at 86 Corso Garibaldi), brought the movie back to mind.
Remember like in the movie there was a constant highlighting the contrast between the giant corporate style "Fox", which was not personal at all, and the small "family ran" style bookstore "The Shop Around The Corner"?
The THUN Caffé represents that engagement between Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly.
It is Wi-Fi equipped, therefore one could sit down and crank up some laptop-type work or simply sit down, sip coffee or taste specialties from the Sud Tirolo area.
A one stop destination for your breakfast, lunch or happy hour needs or even to purchase a gift in the dedicated corner wich features all the new arrivals from the THUN collection.
But what's really new then? The Smiling. Indeed... plenty of that!
I always pause for a moment, while feeling surprised, when I encounter a place where the wait staff does not remind me of boring and embalmed penguins.
Or when I find a spot in which the owner or manager does not behave like one who had his/her pet just died.
Just like the rest of the clones of the leading fashion and trends, always after the leading characters of various television programs, on the 5-star award of the "Rudest" Chef of the Year.
When we all know that all it takes, in actuality, is a great smile and a warm greeting to make everyone's day that much better.
Just like hearing  a sincere "Good Evening and Welcome Back" to make sure one would want actually do so, again and again.
This is what I meant when referring the "The Shop Around The Corner".
Therefore I truly hope that, once the grand opening momentum dims down, the smiling won't cease.
I am pretty sure that would be the case, because that's how Andrea Zucca (Store Manager) actually is.
Otherwise Milano can count on plenty of places where it's quiet the opposite, where the looks are far more important then the service itself which makes them feel nothing different from one another.
Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u
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