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Hotel LARA in Riccione - Italy

 - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
I spent a weekend doing business, as well as resting a bit, at the LARA Hotel in Riccione Italy. Let me tell you about it...
A family run hotel, great remodeled rooms, with A/C and comfortable balconies, a very efficient wi-fi, great water pressure and soft towels in the bathrooms, the sea only 50 meters away and a beach with special privileges for the hotel guests.
Very clean and offered as a full package to include breakfast, lunch as well as a great dinner.
Very delicious and generous portions, a fast service for a great quality-price.
You must be thinking now... so what's new?
The Romagna area is renowned for its hospitality. Every hotel, even the smallest one comes loaded with most amenities. Therefore why spend time to talk about the LARA Hotel in particular?
Well,the answer is simple: Franca Tonti, the soul of the establishment, along with the entire staff around her, which also deserves great recognition.
A very strong woman, an asset, someone who defines the meaning of kindness, manners and making oneself available.
Need something? Rest assured that she will go that extra mile to make it happen.
An example among many is when on my first night of staying, I arrived after the kitchen had already closed. I was just about to ask myself how long I should have stayed in the shower to wash off the fatigue of a long day started in Milano at 7,30 am. I was asked, instead, if I had dinner and also told I could have not skip dinner.
To make a long story brief, I was served a large salad, topped with prosciutto, cantaloupe melon and even a dessert.
I could go on and on with other details about what makes this hotel a very special and enchanting one, a must go destination whether in Riccione for business or leisure yet I believe I already gave you a great picture of it.
Let me ask you this time, how much do you value these subtle details. Aren't those priceless?
Let's be realistic, there are many hotels that are clean, nice and loaded with amenities and even with "penguins" bowing at you all included in the price, but places where you are taken care of so sincerely and spontaneously, there are only a few.
Sorry I did not take photos of the inside (since I had not planned this post at all) and therefore I recommend you do so by visiting the official website www.hotellarariccione.it I still hope you will appreciate the photos of the flowers that fill the many vases around the premises.
Gabriella Ruggieri for 1blog4u