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backstage Marco Tullio Giordana's movie: NOME DI DONNA

backstage Marco Tullio Giordana's movie: NOME DI DONNA - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners


In Milan, right in between jobs, during a break you might feel like having hit the lottery and run into the filming of "something".

Maybe a commercial spot?


enjoy the reading



URBANSOLID street art 3D

URBANSOLID street art 3D - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners


I am not your typical street art lover. Or I shall clarify I don’t like jerks!
I know that “street art” is a generic term and that there are various subcategories, based on different techniques, origin, etc., but for non-art experts, common people as trivial and simple as I am, street art, in most cases simply means… those who cram the wall of a house, the door, a business entrance, historical monuments, etc., with your senseless graffiti made with a spray paint can.
However we can’t really assume that is the case for all of it. In fact we shall not generalize.
Let’s stress and emphasize that not all street artists are as such.
Many (and I would love to think it’s most of them) put their talent at the service of people and cities. Have you ever thought about it?





GIULIANO GRITTINI comics - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners


A day off in Milano, visiting INCISIONE ARTE by Giuliano Grittini a Corbetta based artist and also art printer and photographer.

Have I mentioned that I love his works? Because I do. I love them.

Please take a moment to explore this section, Art, and read the interview with him.

You can find more photo in the Gallery section.



Ilian Rachov

Ilian Rachov - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners


coming soon


FORREST RODTS - Gabriella Ruggieri & partners
I first encountered Mr. Rodts’s talent on Twitter, by hitting the like button on a post with one of his paintings.
I did not even realize it could have been a painting for how perfect it was. In fact at first I thought it was a photo instead. It was very detailed with a few wooden moored boats one next to the other, like team mates resting together after the adventure. A white sail rolled up and the hull reflecting on the ocean.
While admiring that paint, it came to mind that at times all we would need is a small boat, to taste some freedom. 
It seemed to be able to see the pitching hull accompanied by a light slap, a gentle rocking, a light warm breeze, the smell of salt and those typical light reflections of the small waves movement, when the sea is calm and… that alone gave me a feeling of quietness and stillness.
I kept watching it and it seemed like a nice break from hectic everyday life.
I tried to find his contact info on a social media and eventually I decided to contact the man also know as the “Caravaggio of New England”.
A bit shy… knowing how artists can be at times? Also considering my almost zero tolerance against all forms of snooty, arrogance and rudeness, you should understand my fear in contacting him
but instead, amazingly enough, I came across a very nice person. A person who stands behind the meaning of the word gentleman! Really!
(He was also very considerate and helpful despite my poor English skills).
I asked for clarification, and when I got confirmation that those were indeed his paintings and not photo edits… it was, again, love at first sight.
I went ahead and searched for all photos I could find of his paintings, each one being uniquely beautiful and I made an album to which I keep adding on.
It is not an easy task to describe the sensations (especially from a painting), because (just like memories) those are personal feelings, but trust me… it’s really worth to take some time and explore the work of this artist. Below you can read a short interview he kindly granted us. (Gabriella)

 Read the interwiev